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How to create a website?..

In this post I will explain how to create a website and what you need to have to start your first website, no matter if you are blogger or small business owner. At the end of this post you will know how much it costs to create a website. What components, tools and services are required to plan, build and run your website smoothly with no fuss.

How to create a free website

Is that possible to have built a completely free website at all? Hmm, yes and no it is not. Definitely it is possible to have the Facebook profile page or any other social media profile page which are free of any charges. Actually none of them is a website they are just social media profile pages, not suitable for digitizing your ideas in terms of websites for business. There are lots of web-development platforms we can use to build a blog or business website for free forever, just to mention WordPress but if you require your custom domain name (Url) like www.example.com, you will have to pay to have it registered. No way out.

How to register domain name

Registering domain name is not much more difficult than setting up your email account with Gmail or any other email service provider if at all. The only difference is that it’s not a free service like the email. But it is not expensive either unless you wish to buy a premium domain like the blablabla.com which is available now on namecheap.com for £101,730.83 Just click the Add to cart button and it’s yours. Screenshot below.

If you are not that keen to spend too much at the beginning you’d better start with the keyword research job instead. Does not sound familiar? No worries. Your keyword to researching for the domain is the product or service you are interested to sale or to promote on your website. If these are the computer or home decor articles, these are your keywords to start with. If you are a blogger interested in weddings, that is your keyword for the domain research to start. You can start right away using either the Google or Bing search engine giants. It’s perfectly free service and the usual price for a domain should reach no more than $12,00 to $15.00 for a year.

Few words on Hosting

It is a serious decision to have chosen an excellent hosting for a website. A hosting is a service provided for websites on remote computers called servers. These servers are turned on and maintained by professionals 24 hrs 7 days a week 365 days a year. This includes the software that helps to store the website files, make changes and also professional email address based on your domain name and support from the hosting company customer service. Price range for hosting starting at as little as few bucks for the first year (Shared hosting) up to hundreds of Dollars and even thousands due to the disk space, speed and may more factors required to run a specific website. As the website is stored on remote computer it’s essential to chose the company with the best customer service support possible who is able to respond instantly to help to work out usual problems regarding your hosting issues.

How important is hosting and if can it be free

There is lots of hosting options available online. To answer however such a question, just search for “Free hosting” in the engine of your choice. Enjoy studying and reading as much as you can. Watch also Kevin Powell’s short tutorial on How to host a website for free in 2019 and make your mind when you are ready.

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